How can we pray with you?

Jesus remained connected to the Father through His own prayer life, and we want to be committed to prayer throughout our body of believers, following His example. We've set up a prayer wall below where you can add prayer requests publicly, or anonymously.

As a community, we can check this page regularly to see how we can pray for each other. After praying for a request, hit the "I Prayed For This" button!


  1. Click the "Share Your Prayer Request" button below.
  2. Fill out appropriate information.
  3. Select a sharing level...
    1. "Share This" will share the request on the wall along with your name.
    2. "Share This Anonymously" will share the request on the wall without your name.
    3. "DO NOT Share This" will submit the prayer request to our Prayer Team ONLY.
  4. Check the "Email Me..." box if you'd like to be notified when someone prays for your request. Don't worry, this is the only thing this email address will be used for.
  5. Click the "Submit Request" button at the bottom of the form to submit your request for approval. We usually approve requests within 24-36 hours.
I prayed for this

Prayed for 16 times.


Please pray for my Tia Ofelia. She is in a nursing facility up north and although she has two sons, they have not been there to help care for her or visit either. She is alone often and recently had been told her dialysis may not be further manageable since her veins are getting weak. Especially, during this difficult time with Covid, my mother has still been hoping to go back and visit as she did last Winter, but now she is also worried about her health and praying that my Tia’s spirit is uplifted and strong with God. Last month my tia was in the hospital with an infection and has been recuperating, but we pray she is still emotionally, mentally and spiritually hopeful.

Thank you for all your love and faith for others and I’m always grateful for your prayers on behalf of my close family and friends.

Received: April 27, 2021