We have two main areas of engagement for middle schoolers: our MSM Gatherings, which are on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:30, and our LIFEgroups which meet twice a month. Our MSM Gatherings and Life Groups are both designed to help the students engage their walk with Christ in age-specific communities.

Program nights: We structure these nights to be highly connective and engaging. We go over topics that are relevant to their relationship with Christ as well as the culture they live in. We also value creating an environment where students can be themselves and openly process their experiences.  This is a great place to check out who we are and  what we are about.

LIFEgroups: This is where we invest in the individual discipleship of our students.  We believe in a pour-in pour-out model of discipleship.  This means that we will be investing in a student's relationship with God with the intention of them taking part in the mission that God has for them.  It is our belief that this leads to a more vibrant and lasting faith.  Contact Josh@newsongsd.org for a breakdown and schedule of LIFEgroups.

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