Melody Anderson - July 9, 2017


Living The Good Life

To be good, or virtuous, is to embrace the distinctive kingdom life that defines Christian discipleship. Never for “show” or to prove something to God or others.

From Series: "Living The Good Life"

This series takes a look at some of the characteristics for living a life that is pleasing to God and effective with others.

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Melody Anderson - July 31, 2021

Connect - Episode 5

Student Sponsorship Program
Check out our fifth Connect episode and hear about the impact of NewSong's Studen Sponsorship Program!
Study Questions:
1. Did you or anyone you know participate in the adopt-a-student program? Tell us about how it went for you or what you heard about it!
2. Did you have a student in your life or that you knew during the pandemic? What was/is their experience like? Put yourself in their do you think you would have done as a student during something like the last year?
3. Growing up, did someone take an interest in you? Tell us about that. As an adult, have you taken an interest in a younger student? How have you been involved/mentored/cared for someone younger?
4. Tracy said she got involved because it was “something she could do”. What comes naturally to you and how could you use that to connect with others?

From Series: "Connect"

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