Josh Coya - July 30, 2017


Living The Good Life

The person characterized by perseverance will engage life's inevitable hardships with grace and with deep trust in the goodness of God.

From Series: "Living The Good Life"

This series takes a look at some of the characteristics for living a life that is pleasing to God and effective with others.

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Josh Coya - October 18, 2020

Newborn Babies

To a world that often equates comfort with success and pain with failure, the Way of Jesus speaks a convicting, challenging and surprising word. At the same time, it offers a strong welcome to the weary ones who long for rest, for refreshment, for a new perspective and a better story. Let us draw in close together and listen to Peter’s words to his friends, and find ourselves renewed to face whatever comes our way.

From Series: "1 Peter"

Solid ground when all is shaking.

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