Grant Myles-Era - March 11, 2018

Who is This?

Who is This?

Jesus is a personality (Who), Jesus is reality (Is) and Jesus is unique (This). As we grow in our understanding of who Jesus is in all of these qualities, we will be transformed in our thoughts and actions. Living out of that growing knowledge and relationship, we may increasingly embody His life and mission in the world.

Scripture References: Mark 4:41

From Series: "Who is This?"

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Grant Myles-Era - July 10, 2021

Connect - Episode 2

Connecting on the Margins Check out Episode 2 of our Connect series as we hear from a few local organizations as they seek to help the marginalized in our community. ***This episode includes the topics of homelessness, abuse, neglect, and domestic violence.*** Here are some small group study questions for your group to consider: 1. Have you or someone you know ever been “on the margins” in some way? How did it feel? What did you most need from other people? 2. Have you ever been surprised to find yourself learning from or receiving something you needed from an unlikely human source? 3. How might God be inviting you to connect with those on the margins? 4. Pray for these organizations, the people they serve and God’s will for your participation.

From Series: "Connect"

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