Grant Myles-Era - March 11, 2018

Who is This?

Who is This?

Jesus is a personality (Who), Jesus is reality (Is) and Jesus is unique (This). As we grow in our understanding of who Jesus is in all of these qualities, we will be transformed in our thoughts and actions. Living out of that growing knowledge and relationship, we may increasingly embody His life and mission in the world.

Scripture References: Mark 4:41

From Series: "Who is This?"

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Grant Myles-Era - April 5, 2020

The Prophet

Palm Sunday is the day that Christians all over the world remember Jesus' very public entrance into Jerusalem on a donkey. A bold move that would set off the dark and painful events of Holy Week. Despite the fate that awaits Him in that city of complex politics and human struggle, Jesus continues steadfastly on His mission to visit His people as their King of Peace. What might any of this have to do with us, separated as we are from these events by two thousand years and all of our ingenuity, discovery and progress? The truth is, that we too need the peace that He still offers and then calls us to offer to others.

Scripture References: Luke 19:28-44

From Series: "The Journey"

Walking with Jesus on the road to Easter.

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More Messages From Grant Myles-Era...

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