Grant Myles-Era - March 11, 2018

Who is This?

Who is This?

Jesus is a personality (Who), Jesus is reality (Is) and Jesus is unique (This). As we grow in our understanding of who Jesus is in all of these qualities, we will be transformed in our thoughts and actions. Living out of that growing knowledge and relationship, we may increasingly embody His life and mission in the world.

Scripture References: Mark 4:41

From Series: "Who is This?"

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Grant Myles-Era - February 19, 2023

Enter the Rest of God

Pressing On: The Book of Hebrews

Matthew‚Äôs Gospel reports that Jesus said, ‚ÄúCome¬†to¬†me, all you who are¬†weary¬†and burdened, and I will give you rest.‚ÄĚ (Matthew 11:28).¬†The writer of Hebrews wants his listeners (and us) to understand that the Jesus Way does "exactly what it says on the box.‚ÄĚ Life in¬†these times rarely provides¬†opportunities for rest, and we all feel the consequences of that reality. Sadly, our modern church life often seems to compound this¬†situation with all of our hectic activities! What does it mean to rest right here, right now and¬†what does it mean for us now that God has promised a fuller rest to come.

Scripture References: Hebrews 4:1-11

From Series: "Pressing On: The Book of Hebrews"

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