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Grant Myles-Era - August 23, 2020

Words With Friends - The Holy Spirit

Words with Friends

The story of the work of God in the time since Jesus’ earthly ministry ended, is the story of the Holy Spirit. Let us together, as friends, consider who He is and how we might engage purposefully with His presence and power in our lives and thus be witnesses to the Good News of the Gospel and the Kingdom of God.

From Series: "Words with Friends"

Words are the primary means by which human beings communicate meaning to one another. The Church, the Body of Christ, uses particular words to tell others about the precious and life-changing truth of the Gospel and the Kingdom of God. This is part of how we love our neighbors. However, can they depend on us to care enough about their lives, that we might do the hard work of being clear about what we mean when we use words like Sin and Salvation, Repentance, Truth, Heaven and Hell? Who gets to define these terms? Join us this Summer as we seek, together, to illuminate the vocabulary of the Christian faith, for the Glory of God and the benefit of our community.

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