Message: “Eternity in Their Hearts” from Fuz Rana


Fuz Rana - June 30, 2024

Eternity in Their Hearts


This week we continue our journey through Ecclesiastes, seeking insight into life’s meaning and purpose. In Ecclesiastes 3, the author observes that life has its seasons. Good times and difficult times come and go. Our life is short. Our time on Earth is ephemeral. It is vapor. And though God makes all things beautiful in their time, our brief existence serves as a harsh reminder that we shouldn’t waste our days. Yet, amid our transient existence, God has placed an unquenchable longing in our souls for something beyond our earthly existence. We crave hope, purpose, and destiny. No matter who you are, these desires cannot be squelched. These longings point us beyond the temporary things of this world. They offer us an important clue about where meaning and purpose can be found. A desire that can only be satisfied in the One who is eternal and everlasting.

From Series: "Ecclesiastes"

One man had it all...yet he could not find meaning. Through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows he found purpose as he remembered his Creator.

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