Message: “Making the Most of Every Opportunity” from Grant Myles-Era


Grant Myles-Era - June 10, 2018

The Gospel & The Church

Spirit, Lead Us

The Holy Spirit uses the Gospel to change people, to draw them towards God and to shape and mold them into conformity to, enjoyment of and fruitfulness for the Kingdom of God. Do we who claim to follow Christ sometimes live as if the gospel is only for those who don’t yet follow Jesus? Perhaps we need to consider again the magnificent message of the Good News of Jesus and to hear and respond to it in all of its richness and power. (Colossians 1:15-23)

From Series: "Spirit, Lead Us"

The good news is that God is already working here in our community. Our call is simply to follow him as he leads; to join him. Sounds simple, but it is that very simplicity that may prevent us from engaging in this manner with God and community. What might be some of the factors we should consider as we enter into a season of intentional, missional living with one another and the people of this community as God equips us and guides us?

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