Message: “PSALMS: A Playlist for Living (Week 7)” from Fuz Rana

Fuz Rana - May 15, 2016

PSALMS: A Playlist for Living (Week 7)

The heavens do declare God’s glory. Yet, the vastness of the universe also highlights Earth’s seeming insignificance, prompting questions about humanity’s place in the cosmos and along with it, the purpose and meaning of human existence. Pondering these questions is not a modern experience. After contemplating the heavens, David, too, asked in Psalm 8, “What is man?” The psalmist answered that question by turning to the Genesis 1 creation account. This creation story teaches that humans are significant because we are the product of a Creator’s handiwork, creatures made in His image—the Crown of Creation.

Scripture References: Psalms 8:1-9

From Series: "PSALMS: A Playlist for Living"

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