Message: “PSALMS: A Playlist for Living (Week 3)” from George Haraksin

George Haraksin - April 17, 2016

PSALMS: A Playlist for Living (Week 3)

God reveals himself to us in three ways. First, through creation. Modern science has given us amazing evidence of design both in and of the universe that is best explained by a personal God. Second, God reveals himself through His commands, which the psalmist says makes us joyful, supplies insight and moral guidance, and a rich reward to those who obey. Finally, God reveals himself to us through our need--our moral and spiritual need specifically. The psalmist recognizes his need for moral help in God. The psalmist pleads for God’s mercy in regards to his sin and begs God to keep him from committing flagrant sins, so he may be “acceptable in His sight.” For the Christian, God’s greatest revelation comes through the person of Jesus, who makes us acceptable in God’s sight, supplies us the Holy Spirit for moral guidance, and brings us joy in serving our creative, just, and artistic creator God.

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