Message: “On Mission – Missional People are BUSINESS-MINDED” from Casey Cox


Casey Cox - November 26, 2017

On Mission - Missional People are BUSINESS-MINDED

On Mission

God is always at work and so shall we be. This work includes labor as well as rest, play and celebration. We are to be “business” – not to be confused with “busyness”. This Business is our Father’s and the art of being about the Father’s business is learning to exchange “my will” for “Thy will” as a spirit-led, serious, and significant labor of love.

Scripture References: Acts 1:4-8, John 5:16-23, Philippians 2:12-18, Matthew 20:1-16

From Series: "On Mission"

When someone chooses to follow Jesus, they must understand what it means to be “on mission” – sent into the very places we find ourselves each day. We must have certain perspectives and attitudes that allow us to see relationships differently and to live into the missional calling that each of us has. This is an adventure that moves us with hope and vision into the very spaces we find ourselves in each day.

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