Message: “Abomination, Desolation, Consolation” from Grant Myles-Era


Grant Myles-Era - March 13, 2022

Abomination, Desolation, Consolation

MARK: This Is Jesus

This week’s text is the second section of the longest continuous record of Jesus’ teaching in Mark’s Gospel. As was the case last week, there seems to be little of the promised “Good News” in his words. Desolation and Abomination! May have sought in this monologue a timeline for "End Times” events, only to have been proven wrong with the passing of time. Once again Mark reminds us of Jesus’ consistent call towards hope, not by our own power, but in Christ, whose return is certain if not calendared, and in light of which we can live right here right now, with confidence and joy.

Scripture References: Mark 13:14-31

From Series: "MARK: This Is Jesus"

The Gospel of Mark

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