Message: “Here’s the thing…simply attending church no longer makes sense.” from John Selbak


John Selbak - September 24, 2017

Here's the thing...simply attending church no longer makes sense.

Here\'s the thing...

Every statistic points to the fact that people – even committed followers of Jesus – are attending church less often. While many churches focus on ways to better attract attendees through contemporary worship and more relevant preaching, Christians today have instantaneous access to the highest caliber of worship and preaching right on their phone, and many actually engage these resources. At the same time, we are living busier lives where we make choices that pack our days with events competing for our time on Sundays and throughout the week. How do we understand church attendance, and what importance should being part of a church have in the life of the disciple? How do we respond to an era where people attend less often, and what is the difference between attendance, membership in the body, and mission?

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Many people think a lot of things about the church that they would never say aloud. We're going to say them. This series will take a look at some of the toughest issues facing the church and how we can deal with them.

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