Message: “Follow Jesus” from Grant Myles-Era


Grant Myles-Era - October 30, 2022

Follow Jesus

This week we begin an exploration of NewSong’s 4 part mission statement: To Be Transformed by the Holy Spirit, Follow Jesus, Love People and Do Good. We start with what it means to Follow Jesus. There have been many programs and organizations that have sought to clarify what this looks like, from the Promise Keepers* to W.W.J.D.** bracelets. Jesus’ first followers literally did just that: Followed Jesus! Does Jesus’ command, “Follow Me,” still have any practical relevance for today, and if so, how do we best respond to His calling in our time and place?  *Promise Keepers - A National men's movement active throughout the nineties. **W.W.J.D. - What Would Jesus Do? Check out this Connect Video to learn more about our community garden! Watch on YouTube: or Watch on Facebook:

Scripture References: Mark 8:34

From Series: "100% On Mission"

An exploration of NewSong's four part mission statement: To be Transformed by the Holy Spirit, to Follow Jesus, Love People, and Do Good.

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