Message: “Displaying His Image: A Community of Grace & Truth (Week 2)” from John Selbak

Diann Colburn - August 28, 2016

Displaying His Image: A Community of Grace & Truth (Week 8)

In James’ letter we are instructed to “pray for one another,” and throughout all of Scripture that exhortation is repeated and modeled by many, including Jesus. Although sometimes we would rather DO something hands on to help someone, or fix some problem, prayer is the most powerful thing we can do. Prayer is both a tool and a channel of God’s grace and truth to us as we share our own truth and confess our need of grace. Either praying for someone or receiving prayer requires humility and sacrifice, which God’s grace and truth make possible in this powerful act of community.

Scripture References: James 5:16

From Series: "Displaying His Image"

A Community of GRACE & TRUTH

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