Message: “DISorientation to REorientation” from Grant Myles-Era


Grant Myles-Era - April 19, 2020

DISorientation to REorientation

During this global crisis, many writers, journalists and commentators, have pointed out some unexpected positive benefits resulting from this time of societal lockdown: clear skies above Los Angeles due to decreased traffic; animals returning to previously abandoned polluted habitats; the simple generosity, compassion and charity of everyday people; the efforts of medical personnel and essential workers of all kinds. It seems that this current painful time has brought to us moments and experiences of beauty and transformation even though it still hurts. In our own daily experiences might we find unexpected beauty emerging within ourselves amidst the challenges of these days? The Psalms point us to the presence and purposes of God in all human circumstances. They challenge us to engage fully with every aspect of life, expecting to find God there, and in doing so, to be changed.

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