Message: “Connect – Episode 7” from Grant Myles-Era


Melody Anderson - July 24, 2021

Connect - Episode 4

Won't You be my Neighborhood?
Check out the latest episode of our CONNECT series as we hear stories of connection with some local businesses!
Here are some small group study questions:
1. What is your favorite local business and why? What efforts if any did you make during the pandemic to support them?
2. Do you agree that much of the engagement that happens in our communities if transactional rather than relational? If you agree, can you describe in what ways you have seen this reality?
3. Why might a transactional approach to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ miss the mark?
4. Can you think of any “Third places,” in your local neighborhood? Describe the life that happens there.
5. How might you begin to live more intentionally and deeply in your community?

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