Message: “Connect – Episode 3” from Melody Anderson


Melody Anderson - July 17, 2021

Connect - Episode 3

Walking and Talking/Won't you be my Neighbor?
Check out Episode 3 of our Connect series as we hear from a few NewSong members about how they are engaging with their local communities!
Here are some small group study questions for your group to consider:
1. What is your neighborhood like? Do you know some of your neighbors? What kind of interaction do you have with them? Have neighbors opened up to YOU?
2. Have you ever thought about (or share how you have done this) reaching out in some way to the people in your neighborhood? What are some of your barriers? (Or if you have done this...things you have had to overcome?)
3. As we saw, these folks shared how they simply walked and talked. What is something you could do in the simplest form, that would be doable and perhaps open some doors around you?

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